Insiders Program

Insiders Program

West Georgia Insiders Series

The WellStar West Georgia Medical Center Insiders Series welcomes 20 new participants each year. The program’s goal is to educate community leaders about the excellent medical care available at WellStar West Georgia Medical Center and the changes in healthcare policy that could affect local families and businesses. Participants attend eight two-hour monthly sessions, tour key departments, meet with physicians, and learn about advanced technologies in use at West Georgia Medical Center. 

During their year as WGMC Insiders, participants have the opportunity to visit West Georgia Medical Center's Surgical Services, Cardiovascular Services, Emergency Department, Wound Care, Outpatient Therapy, Hospice, Home Health, Women’s Health, Occupational Medicine, Vernon Woods Retirement Community, Bariatrics, and Cancer Center.

For more information on the West Georgia Medical Center Insiders, or to apply for participation in the coming year’s program, please contact Susan Ferguson, director of development of the West Georgia Health Foundation, at (706) 880-7332 or

Graduates of WGMC Insiders since 2013

Wayne Abbott (2013)
Mike Angstadt (2016)
Lenny Bateman (2016)
Dr. Kim Bond (2014)
Derwin Brewer (2016)
Janice Brewer (2015)
Robby Burch (2015)
Debbie Burdette (2014)
Speer Burdette (2013)
Kelly Cain (2015)
Andy Camp (2014)
Dr. Kathy Carlisle (2016)
Bobby Carmichael (2013)
Chris Cleaveland (2016)
Dr. Robert Coggins (2014)
Dawn Coker (2015)
Patrick Crews (2016)
Jean Crocker (2014)
Gayle Devereaux (2015)
Michael Dollar (2015)
Betty Drinkard (2013)
Nancy Durand (2014)
Dr. Willie Edmondson (2013)
Tim Ellen (2014)
Kelli Ellington (2016)
Rep. Carl Von Epps (2014)
Page Estes (2013)
Dr. Charlie Ferguson (2013)
Ellen Hudson Harris (2013)
John Holle (2015)
Byron Jones (2016)
Jake Jones (2016)
Will Jones (2014)
Brant Kelsey (2015)
Scott Landa (2015)
Jeff Lukken (2013)
Beverly Lundberg (2013)
Jan Mallory (2014)
Rick Mallory (2013)
Scott Malone (2014)
Dan McAlexander (2013)
Kenny McCamey (2013)
David McKibben (2016)
John McKibben (2013)
Frank McRae (2014)
Leon Moody (2016)
June Nelson (2014)
Rep. Randy Nix (2015)
Carl Parke (2015)
Mike Patton (2014)
Rep. John Pezold (2016)
Stephanie Preston (2014)
Joe Ragland (2015)
Esther Rainey (2014)
Marlene Rhodes (2015)
Holly Roberts (2016)
Sheila Rowe (2016)
Charles Smith (2014)
Edward Smith (2014)
Skip Smith (2016)
Wesley Smith (2013)
Dr. George Stefenelli (2013)
Bill Stump (2016)
Tod Tentler (2015)
Patrick Terrail (2014)
Jim Thornton (2013)
Rep. Bob Trammell (2016)
Chris Turk (2016)
Stacey Weldon (2016)
Deedee Williams (2015)
Renae Willis (2015)
Ricky Wolfe (2013)
James Woodruff (2014)
James Woods (2016)
Ley Wynne (2015)
Ken Young (2015)
Patty Youngblood (2013)