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Questions and Answers About Cancer Treatment

  • Will radiation therapy make me sick?

    Most patients will not get nauseated from radiation treatment unless the area being treated includes the stomach.

  • Will I lose my hair with chemotherapy or radiation?

    It depends. Certain types of chemotherapy cause hair loss; others do not. With radiation you will only lose hair in the area that is being treated. This hair loss is not permanent.

  • Can I drive myself to my treatments?

    Generally, you can drive to your chemotherapy or radiation treatments. If you are on pain medication that affects your reaction time, or if you are being treated for a brain tumor, it is advisable to have someone drive you to your appointments.

  • Do I need to restrict my daily activities?

    We recommend that you continue any or all daily activities that you are comfortably able to do. Get plenty of rest and maintain a healthy diet. Many people continue to work full or part-time while under treatment.

  • Will I become radioactive?

    External beam radiation does not cause you to become radioactive. The radiation is created by the treatment machine while you are in the room and does not leave the treatment room.

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