Have you been referred to a breast surgeon? Here’s what you need to know ...


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Have you been referred to a breast surgeon? Here’s what you need to know ...


West Georgia Surgery is dedicated to providing advanced surgical services for a variety of medical conditions. Dr. Ashley Stewart specializes in Women’s Breast Health and has advanced training in the newest surgical techniques for treating breast disorders.

If you have been referred to a surgeon because of an abnormal mammogram or because your primary doctor has found an abnormality in your breast, it is because West Georgia Health has a commitment to preventative approach to cancer treatment. It does not mean you have a malignancy. However, should you be diagnosed with a malignancy, you will receive comprehensive, state-of-the-art care.

Your care plan will begin after Dr. Ashley Stewart reviews your personal medical history and reproductive history, including your age at menopause, number of pregnancies, use of hormone replacements, and family medical history, including first-degree relatives with breast, ovarian or prostate cancer.

Next, Dr. Stewart will perform a thorough examination of your breasts and lymph nodes in addition to a general physical exam.

After reviewing your history and exam, additional testing may be needed. This may include ultrasound of the breast, breast MRI or specialized mammogram. Some patients will need a biopsy, which involves taking a breast tissue sample for lab analysis. This is typically performed by Dr. Stewart under ultrasound guidance or mammographic guidance. In rare situations, minor surgery may be required for an adequate biopsy. Some patients will be offered surgery. There are many breast surgery options, and the type of surgery that you undergo will be a joint decision between you and Dr. Stewart.

If a biopsy confirms breast cancer, you should know the facts first.

Breast cancer is very common. One in eight women in the United States will be diagnosed in her lifetime. However, the survival rate in early (Stage 1 cancer) is greater than 95%. Being sent for an evaluation does not mean you have breast cancer; more than 80% of patients sent for an abnormal mammogram do not.

Regardless of your diagnosis, please know that West Georgia Surgery and Dr. Stewart are committed to the comprehensive and compassionate care of all breast disorders, both benign and malignant. Surgery may become a require option for treatment. Our team of professionals will be with you during this process every step of the way.

Services offered
•   Breast disease, benign and malignant
•   Endoscopy, upper and lower
•   General abdominal and thoracic surgery
•   Peripheral vascular surgery
•   Varicose vein treatment
•   Chronic wound care
•   Skin cancer
•   Colorectal surgery
•   Pediatric surgery
•   Thyroid surgery