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WellStar WGMC celebrates team members' service-year milestones

Fri, October 6, 2017

WellStar West Georgia Medical Center celebrated our team members who are celebrating their 10-, 15- and 20-year service milestones this year. We congratulate the following members of the WellStar WGMC family who have committed so many years of their lives to ensure our community is happy and healthy. 

Brandon Bairentine, Centralized Transport   
Tommy Britt, Human Resources   
Scott Cody, ICU   
Clarissa Grizzard, Quality Improvement   
Janice Hale, West Georgia Hospice   
Natasha Hardaway, Florence Hand Home   
Barry Hardy, Maintenance Engineering   
Shirley Holloway, Cafeteria   
Rita Howard, Human Resources   
Donna Jeter, West Georgia Hospice   
Lataria Johnson, Florence Hand Home   
Shirley Mack, Environmental Services   
Iris Mackfield, Laboratory   
Deborah Maddox, Cafeteria   
Candace Pattillo, Florence Hand Home   
Perry Preston, Centralized Transport   
Nellie Ralat, CVM Nuclear Medicine     
Tollie Ramsey, Imaging Services   
Deloise Render, Florence Hand Home
Heather Schweizer, Human Resources   
Aileen Spence, Home Care   
Dennis Stephens, ICU   
Jessica Stewart, Utilization Management   
Daniel Stewart, Laboratory   
Fontina Stricklin, Respiratory Care Services   
Maria Thomas, Florence Hand Home
Jennifer Treadwell, Quality Improvement   
Jennifer Westbrook, Maternal/Infant Services
Janis White, Laboratory   
Monique Wilson, Float Nursing   
Chris Wingo, Accounting    

15 YEARS          
Myra Allen, Emergency Department   
N’Drea Atcherson, GI Lab   
Anita Baker, West Georgia Hospice   
Dandrea Banks, Respiratory Care Services   
Betsy Barnette, Infusion Therapy   
Sharon Brooks, Home Care   
Alesia Brown, Imaging Services     
Bernice Brown, Environmental Services, Florence Hand Home   
Lisa Cameron, Ambulatory Infusion     
Elizabeth Casteel, Medical Surgical Unit   
Daniela Chase, Radiation Therapy
Marcus Darden, Cafeteria   
Lisa Dean, Medical Surgical Unit   
Courtney Dunnon, Florence Hand Home
Carolyn Fortson, West Georgia Hospice
Jerry Fulks, Administration
Mary Graham, Medical Surgical Unit     
Donna Gresley, EKG   
Keyetta Hardy, Medical Surgical Unit   
Kristin Hays, Intensive Care Unit   
Nicole Headrick, Utilization Management   
Resheika Holloway, Florence Hand Home
Lakeevia Laye, Cafeteria
Michael McRae, Pharmacy   
Lora Norrell, Community Affairs
Patsey Pinkard, Medical Surgical Unit   
Rachel Rodgers, West Georgia Hospice
Christie Seward, Florence Hand Home   
Argentina Shephard, Florence Hand Home   
Lula Sherman, Florence Hand Home   
Peggie Ward, GI Lab   
Chantris Woodard, Medical Surgical Unit    

20 YEARS          
Janet Almon, Medical Records   
Annie Atcherson, West Georgia Hospice   
Sherry Clemons, Home Care   
Veronica Fravola-Walters, Home Care   
Lashonda Grier, Newborn Nursery   
Diane Haines, Medical Surgical Unit   
Debra Hannah, Medical Records   
Angela Huber, Delivery Room   
Jetta Kraemer, Medical Records   
Deborah McLain, Pharmacy   
Charles Mosley, IT Customer Relations   
Lynne Moultrie, Medical Surgical Unit   
Elizabeth Oubre, Maternal/Infant Services
Nadine Render, Florence Hand Home
Elizabeth Ringer, Home Care   
Elaine Smith, Coding   
Drusilla Vaughn, Medical Records   
Lisa Wallace, Acute Care Therapies   
Robert Wilder, Distribution Center   
Stanley Wingard, Maintenance Engineering   
Kimberly Zarr, Emergency Department