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West Georgia Hospice named as prestigious 2013 HOSPICE HONORS recipient

Thu, May 2, 2013

West Georgia Hospice named as prestigious 2013 HOSPICE HONORS recipient

West Georgia Hospice has been named a 2013 Hospice Honors recipient, a prestigious award recognizing hospice agencies providing the best patient care as rated by the patient’s caregiver.

Established by Deyta, this annual honor recognizes the top 100 agencies that continuously provide the highest level of satisfaction through their care as measured from the caregiver’s point of view. Deyta used the Family Evaluation of Hospice Care (FEHC) survey results from over 1,200 partnering hospice agencies contained in its national, FEHC database with an evaluation period of January through December 2012. Deyta used the five key drivers of caregiver satisfaction as the basis of the Hospice Honors calculations.

“Hospice Honors defines a new standard of excellence in the patient/family experience for hospice agencies,” said Liz Silva, Director of Hospice at Deyta. “Identifying these top-performing hospices is our way of recognizing organizations that have demonstrated high quality of care to both patients and caregivers. That positive family experience is a key driver of ongoing patient-focused care and overall agency success.”

“Our staff has worked very hard to improve in areas to give our patients and families the end-of-life care that they want,” said Cathy Wiggins, Director of West Georgia Hospice. “This is the last care that a loved one will receive, and it needs to be the best it can be every time. Being named a 2012 HOSPICE Honors recipient acknowledges that we are accomplishing that.”