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Balloon Policy

No Helium Balloons Allowed

Helium-filled balloons are not permitted inside WellStar West Georgia Medical Center facilities. Helium balloons present a danger when they are released and float to high levels in the building, setting off smoke alarms and creating unnecessary stress on patients, visitors and staff. In addition, these balloons often get trapped and cannot be retrieved in a timely manner. In turn, loose balloons can repeatedly trigger alarms and subsequent safety protocols that our staff must observe each time a fire alarm sounds.

Helium balloons are no longer be available for purchase in the West Georgia Medical Center gift shop, Expressions from the Heart, and we respectfully request that vendors discontinue balloon deliveries and that visitors choose other gift options for West Georgia Medical Center patients.

This ban applies only to helium-filled balloons. Visitors are welcome to continue bringing air-filled balloons into our facilities.

For more information, call (706) 882-1411.