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Complementary Care

Extra support to thrive after a cancer diagnosis

Stretching your way to better health with Yoga
Stretching your way to better health with Yoga

Complementary Therapies can play a vital role in enhancing a patient’s quality of life during cancer treatment and also throughout survivorship. When used alongside conventional medical care, these therapies can reduce the side effects of cancer treatment, improve physical and emotional well-being, and improve recovery from cancer and cancer treatment.

At Wellstar West Georgia we offer complementary therapies to help promote patient comfort mentally, spiritually, and physically. These services are free of charge to those diagnosed with cancer and for caregivers caring for someone with cancer. For more information, please contact us at 706-812-2191.   


The American Cancer Society has recognized yoga as being an effective way to relieve some symptoms of chronic disease such as pain, fatigue, nausea, sleep problems and inflammation. Practiced regularly, yoga can lead to increased relaxation and physical fitness. The yoga program offered by West Georgia’s Oncology department is a gentle introduction to the discipline of yoga. It is designed to allow anyone to participate, and has accommodations for those with limited strength and mobility. Relaxation, stretching and breathing exercises are alternated with moves aimed at core strengthening. Yoga creates an atmosphere of sharing that can be effective in building a cohesive group identity. Classes will be held in the newly renovated cancer center. Dates and times TBD.

Art Therapy

Studies have found that art therapies are not only beneficial for the cognitive and emotional state of cancer patients, but can also help to alleviate some of the physical issues associated with treatment such as pain, nausea, fatigue and anxiety. The art therapy program at West Georgia promotes the mind-body connection and encourages patients to engage in creative expression through various art techniques. We welcome patients, families, and caregivers to join our Art Therapy class regardless of their talent or technical ability. Classes will be held in the newly renovated cancer center. Dates and times TBD. 

Crochet Therapy

Crochet Therapy is one of the newest complementary therapies offered at West Georgia. Instructed by a master in the art of crochet, participation in this group allows patients and caregivers to learn a new skill or share their talent with others. Projects such as crocheted caps and lap blankets are often undertaken by this group to benefit patients undergoing cancer treatment. Classes will be held in the newly renovated cancer center. Dates and times TBD. 

Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition and diet play an important role in maintaining health and fighting disease. Often, for cancer patients and survivors, nutrition is a significant concern. Cancer treatments, such as radiation and chemotherapy, can make eating a challenge. Knowing how to make healthy food choices can help you feel better. For some, it takes extra support to thrive after a cancer diagnosis. Wellstar West Georgia provides a complementary nutrition therapy class that is designed to promote positive outcomes and enhance your relationship with food. Interactive classes and cooking demonstrations are facilitated by our dedicated registered dietitian and will be held in the newly renovated cancer center. Lunch is provided for current cancer patients and survivors. Reservations are required for lunch; please contact Mary Ann Hodnett at or (706) 812-2191. Dates and times TBD.