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Dr. Nick Vlachos, WellStar Medical Group Occupational Medicine's Medical Director
Dr. Nick Vlachos, WellStar Medical Group Occupational Medicine's Medical Director

Dr. Nick Vlachos

WellStar Medical Group Occupational Medicine's Medical Director, Dr. Nick Vlachos, provides medical direction for all employees and patients seen.

Dr. Vlachos is the only Board Certified Occupational Medicine Physician in the region. He has 30 years combined experience including automotive, industrial, hospital and private-based programs and is certified as a Medical Review Officer by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Dr. Vlachos is a Certified Medical Examiner (CME) under the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners, adding value to WMG Occupational Medicine's current customer base as well as any Commercial Motor Vehicle driver needing their medical clearance updated. 

As a certified medical examiner Dr. Vlachos will make important decisions that will reduce the risk for crashes, injuries and fatalities among interstate CMV drivers. Dr. Vlachos is listed on the federal DOT's National Registry — an online directory of certified medical examiners easily accessible to drivers, motor carriers and the general public, located at nationalregistry.fmcsa.dot.gov.

The National Registry is a Federal program that establishes requirements for health care professionals that perform physical qualification examinations for truck and bus drivers. For more information concerning the impact of the designation, head to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Dr. Vlachos is qualified as a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) through the national Medical Review Officer Certification Council (MROCC), an independent physician-based body that conducts a rigorous and extensive application process and written credentialing examination to identify licensed physicians with the proper medical expertise and skills necessary to evaluate drug and alcohol test results in public and private sectors of the workplace.

MROCC Certification is intended to ensure the public of quality services and the maintenance of ethical conduct by qualified physicians involved in drug and alcohol testing review. The certified MRO may also act as a resource to protect the company, helping with policies and regulatory issues, as well as providing related services such as drug testing collections, breath alcohol testing services, coordination of laboratory services, laboratory performance testing and preparation of summary reports for employers.


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