Lamaze Prepared Childbirth Series (4 Weeks)

Lamaze Prepared Childbirth Series (4 Weeks)

Women’s Health Center Education Room
1420 Vernon Road
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Lamaze Prepared Childbirth Series (4 Weeks)

The four-week Lamaze series is designed for expectant mothers and their support person to assist them to have the best pregnancy, birth, labor, and early parenting experiences. It is an interactive and informative class. Lamaze is no longer just about breathing! It is about taking the mystery out of childbirth and giving you the confidence to labor your way.

Each class last two hours and thirty minutes with time for a plenty of questions and answers by certified lamaze childbirth educators who also work in labor and delivery.

A light meal is served each night.

This course is taught by certified Lamaze Childbirth Educators who also work in Labor and Delivery at WellStar West Georgia Medical Center.

Week 1: Introduction to Lamaze, Six Healthy Birth Practices, Nutrition, Birthing plan, Role of Support Person, Early Labor Signs/Symptoms, Early Phase of Labor, and Breathing/Relaxation exercise.

Week 2: Hospital Admission, Active and Transition Phases of Labor, Pain Management Options, Birthing Positions, Medical Intervention, and Second Stage of Labor and Delivery

Week 3: Cesarean Delivery, Recovery, Post partum period, and Practice Labor Stations.

Week 4: Local Pediatrician Visit (discuss hospital admission/babies first year and answer your questions), Newborn characteristics, Newborn Care/Safety, Breastfeeding, and hospital tour

The class ends with graduation certificate

Cost: $75 per couple

You may register by calling 706-402-4561.

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