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Father and son work alongside each other as WGMC anesthesia providers

Fri, January 26, 2018

Father and son work alongside each other as WGMC anesthesia providers

NOTE: This article first appeared in the November 2017 issue of Troup Trends magazine, a publication of the LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce, and has been reprinted with permission. For a copy of the original article, click here.

Even after graduating from LaGrange Academy, Rohit Avula did not leave his hometown. He went on to attend LaGrange College, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2012. His connection to LaGrange continued as he fulfilled his Sims Scholarship requirement by working as a registered nurse in WellStar West Georgia Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit for more than two years. After gaining that critical care nursing experience, he left to attend Augusta University to study nursing anesthesia, where he graduated in December 2016 with a Master of Science
in Nursing and became a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. Naturally, he then returned to LaGrange, for a special opportunity alongside his father, Anesthesiologist Dr. Jaiwant Avula.

Rohit says: “I was interested in returning to LaGrange to embrace the opportunity to work alongside my father, as he was nearing retirement age. Toward the end of 2016, I completed my final clinical rotations of my Nursing Anesthesia program at WellStar West Georgia Medical. And after passing my board exam and completing the credentialing process, I began working there in March 2017.

“My father and I are both anesthesia providers for WellStar West Georgia, so we are able to work alongside each other often. I find him to be an irreplaceable resource, as I am continually developing and evolving as a new anesthesia provider. I regularly hear sincere, positive sentiments concerning my father, from both staff and patients alike. Hearing those reports fills me with pride and motivates me to keep learning from him, so I may master the art of anesthesia as he has proven to do.

“Many of the anesthesia providers and much of the hospital staff have known me as I’ve grown up in LaGrange and worked at the hospital in different capacities and roles over the years. Coming back to work with them was like returning to a family I’ve always been a part of.

Likewise, Rohit’s father, Jaiwant, has also found his work here to be fulfilling and was originally attracted to LaGrange from New York in 1997 because of the warmer weather and friendly lakeside community. He says: “By working in a small community hospital, you are able to develop a cordial and congenial relationship with the surgeons and operating room staff, which is important for an anesthesiologist.

“Since my wife, Dorothy, and I were in the medical field, my children (Rohit and Krystal) had always been attracted to healthcare. During the summers of their secondary education, they both were junior volunteers at our hospital. While completing their undergraduate education, they both worked in the hospital, Rohit as an Anesthesia Technician and Krystal as a PharmacyTechnician. I did encourage Rohit to pursue the medical field because he has always had an affinity for science and displayed a critical thinking capacity at a very young age. After observing me at work, he showed specific interest in anesthesia practice.

But it was Rohit’s idea to come back to LaGrange! And, of course, I encouraged him to work in our department, as did our Chief Anesthetist, who offered him a position upon completion of his Nursing Anesthesia graduate studies and subsequent board-certification as a CRNA.