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Volunteers grateful to Lovelight Tree donors

Mon, December 31, 2018

Volunteers grateful to Lovelight Tree donors

The Lovelight Tree is an annual project of the WellStar West Georgia Medical Center Auxiliary. Donations from $5 to $500 are given in memory of a loved one or in honor of a person who has in some way enriched another person’s life. An ornament for each donation is placed on the Lovelight Tree in the Lobby of the South Tower at WellStar West Georgia. The donations given are used to pay for the Lifeline Emergency Response System for the subscribers who need the service but who cannot pay the fee. Donations are also used to pay for cab rides for patients who cannot afford a ride home from the hospital.

Donations of $500 or more denotes a Lifelight.
Donations of $100 or more denotes a Heartlight.
Donations of $5 or more denotes a Lovelight.

Lifelights (donations of $500 or more):
None applicable this year.

Heartlights (donations of $100 or more):
WellStar West Georgia Auxiliary in memory of Judy Bledsoe
Rheba M. King in memory of Ray D. King
Margaret L. Camp & Family in memory of J. Hugh Camp
Mrs. Bernice Strickland in memory of Miss Maidee Strickland and Miss Stacie Strickland
Katharyn Dunn in memory of Fred & Peg Fulgham and Bill J. Dunn
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Fincher in memory of Elizabeth Bolt
J.W. & Sarah Andrews in memory of Mr. & Mrs. H. T. Andrews, Mr. & Mrs. John Henderson, and Mr. & Mrs. Jim Andrews and in honor of Dr. & Mrs. Richard Ingram
Mike & Jean Patton in honor of The Staff & Volunteers of WellStar West Georgia
Fred & Beverly Lundberg in memory of Judy Bledsoe
Camilla Myhand in memory of Mr. Curtis Myhand
Dawn Ware in memory of Helen W. Kennedy
Jose, Kathy & Katie Reyes in memory of Alex, Andy & Abbie Reyes and Mr. Kenneth Smith
Dale Mallory Family in memory of Rick Mallory
Jane & Gary Stephens in memory of Mrs. Judy Bledsoe
Pamela Talley in memory of Patricia Chambers
Glenda Waller in memory of John G. Allen, Gladys Allen, and Toney Allen
Jean Crocker in memory of Eugene Crocker
Elizabeth & Rudy Quillian in memory of Mrs. Judith Williams Fuller
Pamela Talley in memory of Ruby Dommisse
Childress Dental Center in memory of Dr. & Mrs. Gamble, Mr. & Mrs. Parker Childress, Mr. & Mrs. Gene Page, and Dr. & Mrs. F. A. Allison

Lovelights - In Memory Of (donations of $5 or more)
WellStar West Georgia Auxiliary in memory of Jerry Manning, Teri Lyles Hammock, and Wylene Herndon
Robert & Barbara Dodson in memory of Judy Bledsoe
Mallory Realty Company, Inc. in memory of Richard H. Mallory, Sr., Georgia H. Mallory, and Richard H. Mallory, Jr.
Sharon Ambrose in memory of Jack Tilley and Jack Webber
Mendy Yawn in memory of Mr. Don Holman
Mozelle Drinkard in memory of Emory Drinkard and Pat Horton
Gail C. Walsh in memory of Mr. & Mrs. William Cox, Gene Ward, and Jim Walsh
Rachel Shiver in memory of Richard Shiver and Rodney Harmon
Tim & Lisa Ellen in memory of Paul Ellen, Sr.
Delaine Gay in memory of Mr. & Mrs. William Harris
Vivian Arrington in memory of Archie Arrington and Charles Arrington
Pat Shuman in memory of Lee Westermann and Silvia & Rusty Westermann
Marion Dunn in memory of Mr. Roy Dunn
Dr. Shawn & Kathryn Mathews in memory of Mr. Darrel J. Burns
Lafayette Christian School in memory of Mr. Winston Whitlow
David, Carol, Daniel, Jacob and Joshua Stanley in memory of Eugene Crocker
Dale Mallory Family in memory of Mr. J. Roy Spinks and Dr. Paul Major
Kathy Morris in memory of Judy Bledsoe, Christy Borges, Ginger Hearron, Tim Grady, and Charlene Grady
Mrs. Corrie Becham in memory of Harry Richburg
Carla & Megan Hale in memory of Eugene Crocker
Tom & Jeannine Turner in memory of Danielle Leigh Turner
Alfred & Beverly McNair in memory of Roberta Whitfield
Becky Parnell in memory of Milton Brookins
Mary Bolan in memory of Blake Bolan Fowler
Talisman Garden Club in memory of deceased Talisman Garden Club members
Jack & Bev Wetherington in memory of Mrs. Nellie Freeman, Mrs. Carrie Bishop, Mr. Bob Cain, Mr. Richard L. Daniel, Mrs. Pat Roberts, Dr. John G. Herring, Mr. John J. McCracken, Mr. Dave Billing, Mr. Jimmy Jordan
Pamela Talley in memory of Itsy McCall, Luke Gill, Happy Talley, Abbey Talley, Amelia Talley, Ruth D. McConnell, Lawrence R. McConnell, Marita Friedman, Penny Kemp, Esther Edwards, Kathleen Augustine, Fred Augustine, Kelly Thompson, Gregg Miller, Edna Hardin, Walter Dance, Dr. C. R. Chambers, Lee West, Kenneth Bailey, Cecil Talley, Jane Talley, Lynn Tweed, Matthew Cox, Ernestine Noles and Carter Jacey Xander Talley
Jean Cook in memory of Ella and Walter Gadus
Patrick Terrail in memory of Gabrielle Sirigo
Patsy Manning in memory of Jerry Manning
Joyce and Chuck Beebe in memory of Katinel Mobley & James Mobley
Marie McNally in memory of Timothy McNally
Rachel Worrell in memory of Carol Turner and Richard Worrell
Dr. Kenneth Horlander in memory of Howard Hale, Virginia McCarter, Fred Fulgham, Gussie Carter, Kenneth Gasaway, Jeanelle Daniel, Martha Amey, Ellis “Jerry” Bray, Agatha Jones, Ruth Childress, Alice Knight, Erma Christine Paschal, Mary Elizabeth Green, Thomas Smith, Lenda Lowery, Kenneth Gordon, Andrew Carpenter, Bernice Brown, Robert Lee Fincher, Dale Julius Blankenship, Julian Dobbs, Donald Hoke Livingston, Thomas Baker, Dr. William B. Fackler, John Burks, Charles Hewitt, Earnest Aldridge, Karen Pilgrim, Debbie Norred, Roland Martin, Thomas E. Pike, Sara McGill, Benjamin Crockett, Ellen Sell, Michael Pescia, Elizabeth Landry, Diane Breeding, Dr. Werner Linz, Pearl Gates, James Sands, Deborah Trim, Bettie Carpenter, Wendy Clark, Polly Fowler, Walter Holloway, James Nelson, Weldon Hayden Parkman, Frankie Mickle, Jack Smith, John Henry Gable, Betty Ann Cheeves, Gary Vowell, Hazel Roberts, Erskin Brown, Judy Crowe, Melanie Starr, Robert Mahone, Robert Funderburk, Evlyn Coombs, Harmon Caldwell, Harold Spradlin, Thomas Matheny, and Ruby Reed

Lovelights - In Honor Of (donations of $5 or more):
Sharon Ambrose in honor of Christopher Wilson
Margaret Schaufler, M.D. in honor of Evelyn Stewart, R.N.
John & Anne Pope Seay in honor of Cynthia O’Neal
Tim & Lisa Ellen in honor of Ortra M. Ellen
Robert & Barbara Dodson in honor of Terri Gentry
Virginia Bonner in honor of Mrs. Phyllis Tarr
Dave & Mary Nichols in honor of Jesus
Sidney & Mary Lynn Faress in honor of Rev. Timothy A. Gadziala
Kathy McWhorter in honor of Mrs. Wanda Alexander
Jack & Bev Wetherington in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Gene Bishop
Pamela Talley in honor of Chika Talley, Angels of Four Paws Animal Hospital, Layne Connell Talley, and Jon & Leia Talley
Patsy Manning in honor of Ruth Johnson, Virginia Bonner, and Dr. & Mrs. Richard Ingram

MFLGH, Inc. (MGroup)
Taste of Lemon Restaurant
S. Ansley & Vincent C. Scoglietti