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WellStar WGMC honors four nurses with DAISY Award

Fri, May 11, 2018

WellStar West Georgia Medical Center recently honored four registered nurses —Ashley Mitchell, Kyle Thompson, Karrie Galyon and Holly Scott— with the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses for their over-and-above patient care.

Ashley Mitchell, RN, who works in the Nursery, was nominated by a mother whose son was born at 37 weeks. She and her husband saw their newborn for only a few seconds before he was taken to the Nursery, where he was administered oxygen and an IV.

“We didn’t get to hold him until the next morning,” she said. “I had met Ashley for about two minutes several months before he was born, and I was so relieved to walk in and see a somewhat familiar face taking care of my baby.”

The baby stayed in a neonatal intensive care unit for almost three days.

“Ashley was there to walk us through each step, each test, every regression and every progression,” she said. “She took the time to come to our room and let us know when things weren’t going as they should, and sat with us after the pediatrician left the room. When the news wasn’t what any parent wanted to hear, she assured us that our baby was going to get healthy and get to go home and meet his big brother.

“And when God stepped in and touched our little boy, she surprised us by bringing him to our room on Friday afternoon. She was our angel, without a doubt. Those four days in the hospital were a complete whirlwind of ups and downs but Ashley was there, no matter what, to help us through it. I can’t thank her enough for all she did for my family.”

Kyle Thompson was nominated by the daughter of a patient who was admitted to the Fifth Floor on Christmas Day.

“I was very upset and scared, and my mother was very confused and agitated,” the patient’s daughter said. “This very tall young man came in the room, with a very calming and caring voice. He talked with my mama and told her exactly what he was doing.

“During our stay, she had bouts of not being responsive and loud outbursts. Each time he managed the situation with compassion and empathy for our family as well as her. I watched as he helped her keep her dignity.”

The patient then spent her final days at WellStar West Georgia Hospice, and while she was there, Thompson stopped by to visit.

“After working all day at the hospital, he came two times to visit my mama and our family,” the patient’s daughter said. “We could not have asked for anyone more understanding, kind or compassionate.”

Karrie Galyon’s niece nominated her for the DAISY Award for the above and beyond care Galyon provided during the birth of her baby boy. Her niece had learned three weeks before her due date during a doctor’s visit that her blood pressure was high and that the baby would need to come early.

“I teach kindergarten, and my bags were at home, my maternity sub plans were not complete yet, and my husband was nearly three hours out of town working that day,” she said. “From the moment I arrived at the hospital I was treated so well by everyone, but especially Karrie.

“She went over every detail with me—from medical questions to what to expect throughout the day. I felt at ease knowing what was going to happen while I was at the hospital, and this was due to Karrie’s wonderful ability to care for others.”

She said Galyon never left her side during her delivery.

“She was right there with me the whole day,” she said. “She continued to explain things to me, made sure I was comfortable, kept me updated, and also made sure my family was up to date with any new information as well. I’m sure Karrie had other patients that she was checking on throughout the day, but she made me feel like I was the only one there, which is very important when you’re experiencing something for the first time.

She said Galyon stayed after her shift to see that she was comfortable and transitioned well to her new room.

“I was so impressed by her and know that others will be just as blessed to have her care for them when they deliver at WellStar West Georgia Medical Center,” she said.

Leslie Hollingsworth Thorp nominated Holly Scott for the DAISY Award for the care and compassion Scott showed her grandfather while he was at WellStar West Georgia Hospice.

“When my grandfather was moved from Florence Hand Home to Hospice, Holly was wonderful at making the transition as easy as possible,” Thorp said. “She was great at calming him and taking care of him and also my whole family as well.

“No one wants to be in the position of watching a loved one pass, but Holly definitely made the process easier. I can’t express how much she helped my family in their hardest time.”

More than 2,000 healthcare facilities in all 50 states and in 15 other countries honor their nurses with the DAISY Award, which recognizes “the super-human work nurses do for patients and families every day.” DAISY stands for Diseases Attacking the Immune System.

Any patient or family member may nominate a nurse for the DAISY Award. Nomination forms are available at the front desk of the South Tower Lobby or at any nursing station at WGMC.

Nominations also can be emailed to Tammy Lynch at and should include the nurse’s name, your name and contact information, and a statement of why the nurse is deserving of the DAISY Award.