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Annette Brady, Clinical Pharmacist/Antimicrobial Stewardship


December 2018 - Employee of the Month

Annette Brady, WellStar West Georgia’s December 2018 Team Member of the Month, serves as the Patient Care Area Pharmacist on the Fifth Floor. For the past several years, she also has been the Lead Pharmacist for our hospital’s Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee, and she founded our Antimicrobial Stewardship program in 2014.

Hospitals have a strong need for pharmacists who are trained in Infectious Disease, and in 2014, Annette voluntarily completed a training program known as MAD-ID, which stands for “Making a Difference in Infectious Disease.” Annette continues to keep abreast of current thinking and practices in Infectious Disease by reading the current literature and attending conferences on the subject. West Georgia physicians and pharmacists alike look to her because of her expertise in this area.

It is because of Annette’s hard work and dedication, as well as the efforts of our clinicians at large, that the Georgia Department of Public Health recently has granted “Silver” status on the Georgia Honor Roll for Antibiotic Stewardship to WellStar West Georgia. The Department of Public Health established the honor roll in 2014, when it had rigorous standards in its own right. But in 2017, it became even more difficult to earn a bronze, silver or gold status. That’s because the Joint Commission issued antimicrobial stewardship accreditation standards in the inpatient setting that require hospitals, critical access hospitals, and nursing care centers to implement antimicrobial stewardship programs that align with current evidence-based practices. Additionally, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services published a proposed rule for hospitals and critical access hospitals in June 2016 requiring antimicrobial stewardship programs to demonstrate adherence to nationally recognized guidelines. In light of these regulations, the Georgia Honor Roll for Antibiotic Stewardship was revised to encourage facilities to build sustainable programs or enhance their existing programs with evidence-based practices.

In her role as a clinical pharmacist, Annette reviews patients’ charts throughout the hospital to ensure they’re receiving appropriate antibiotic therapy and makes recommendations to improve antibiotic use. She is extremely determined to ensure that physicians, pharmacists, nurses, ancillary staff, patients, and the community at large are all “antibiotic aware,” and that we are appropriately utilizing antimicrobials in an effort to combat growing resistance. As the Fifth Floor’s clinical pharmacist, she also reviews other medication orders for appropriateness, adjusting for renal function; monitors and manages anticoagulation and pharmacokinetic dosings; and converts qualified candidates to oral therapy.

Annette has a very calm presence about her. But it’s also very much an “in-charge” presence. Annette is strong, kind, caring, extremely knowledgeable, and confident, and she takes care of our patients’ medical needs with a loyal, protective, fierce determination.

Annette grew up in Five Points, Alabama, along with three sisters and a brother whose parents encouraged them to “work hard, study hard, do their best, and treat others with respect,” she said. While she was considering career choices in high school, Annette’s aunt, Patsy Kirk, would repeatedly ask her, “Have you considered pharmacy?” Her Aunt Patsy has worked at WellStar West Georgia for the past 29 years as a certified pharmacy technician.

“Because Aunt Patsy worked closely with pharmacists on a daily basis, she saw the difference that I could make in patient’s lives,” Annette said. “She would regale me with stories of the pharmacists who she worked with and the interventions they made. Though I explored other career options and took the scenic route to a career in pharmacy, I guess, Aunt Patsy’s proddings had a lasting influence.” Both aunt and niece now work together in the same department.

Annette earned Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees at Auburn University and completed a post-doctorate PGY-1 residency at Columbus Regional Medical Center. She has worked at WellStar West Georgia for a total of 14 years when combining her two tenures here. She also has worked as a pharmacist at Columbus Regional Medical Center and the pharmacy director for five years at Lanier Health Services in Valley.

Annette says: “I enjoy working with others to improve patient care. I also am appreciative that Administration is open to suggestions and supports patient-care improvement initiatives. I am proud of the comradery I have with the nurses on the Fifth Floor and that we work together as a team. I am thankful many of our physicians are receptive to suggestions. I am proud to be a part of the pharmacy family and have the opportunity to work with diligent technicians, learn from seasoned pharmacists, as well as aid in the training of newly hired pharmacists and students. I am also impressed by the friendliness and support that is readily offered from other departments throughout the hospital. Everyone truly works together.”

In her spare time, Annette likes to bake as well as make homemade jams and jellies. She loves to sing and is active in her church.

Annette, we thank you for all the unsung work you do to ensure the health and safety of our patients.