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Danielle Daniel, CNA


March 2019 - Employee of the Month

We are privileged to honor Danielle Daniel, CNA, as WellStar West Georgia’s March 2019 Team Member of the Month. Danielle is a CNA in Endoscopy, and she also is currently completing her last class at West Georgia Tech that she needs to apply to nursing school for the fall.

In her CNA role, Danielle assists in pre-op and recovery and also makes sure patients are content and comfortable. She spends most of her days processing all the endoscopy scopes, which is a tedious job that requires great attention to detail. Danielle’s team members say she always stays ahead of the processing and never allows the department to be in need of scopes. On audits of scope reprocessing, her documentation is 100 percent, and she is an effective communicator if there are issues or questions. She seeks to inform the charge nurse of endoscopy or the department manager.

Danielle’s co-workers said she comes in every day with a positive attitude and willingness to learn. She works hard and is willing to help out her peers in any way. Her team members always appreciate her positive energy and contagious smile. Danielle has gone above and beyond lately, especially with the increased volume, and her coworker who shares this processing-room responsibility has been out on FMLA. Danielle remains positive and has an amazing work ethic.

Danielle wants to become an RN because of the wonderful past experiences she’s had with other nurses. Danielle says she couldn’t have asked for a better first job in the medical field and that everyone in her department has gone above and beyond to help her feel a part of the Endo family. Before working at WellStar West Georgia, she worked at her daughter’s daycare, at a dog-grooming business, and she also worked in our coffee shop about seven years ago.

Danielle was born at our hospital on March 22, 1991, so she’ll be celebrating her birthday later this week. She has been married to her husband for five years, and they have a beautiful daughter, Adalynn Claire, who is 4 years old. They have one cat, Layla; a Doberman named Cayenne; and Nipsy, a new puppy her daughter named. When she’s not working, Danielle enjoys being with her family and enjoying the outside. She has a younger brother and sister who are 14 and 12, and she enjoys spending time with them as well.

We appreciate Danielle for the wonderful job she does in Endoscopy and are so encouraged someone of her caliber is pursuing her dream to become an RN.