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Pam Knudsen, RN

West Georgia Hospice

January 2019 - Employee of the Month

Pam Knudsen, RN, has been honored as WellStar West Georgia’s January 2019 Team Member of the Month. Pam, who has been a nurse since 1994, has served WellStar West Georgia since 2011 and has been a case manager at West Georgia Hospice for the past four years.

Pam has been primarily serving patients at Florence Hand Home and Twin Fountains Home for the last year. One of her fellow nurses nominated her for Team Member of the Month because she said Pam makes it her mission to provide quality end-of-life care for those living in the nursing home. This was very evident recently after she created a very special gift for nine of her patients.

Pam enjoys talking with her patients and their families and hearing about their favorite things, such as sporting teams, flowers, hobbies, and their “go-to happy places.” In an effort to evoke some happy memories, Pam and her daughter, Taylor, personalized ceiling tiles for nine of her patients. She said she had never painted any pictures before—especially on something as big as a ceiling tile—though she does charcoal drawing as a hobby. One of the ceiling tiles was created for an Alabama fan, while others featured flowers and landscapes. She created the tiles at home, and now that they are placed over the patients’ beds, we’re sure she has brightened several lives by this thoughtful act of kindness.

Pam lives in Wadley, Alabama, and is married to her high-school sweetheart, Joe. They just renewed their wedding vows on their 30th anniversary in June at Niagara Falls. They have two daughters: Shelby, 20, and Taylor, 17.

Her family also includes five dogs and five guinea pigs who all live in the house. She says that as a fantasy career, she would have an animal sanctuary. She said she is always sending Kristie Gilmore, the hospice director, pictures of random animals she encounters throughout the day, including a run-away horse she corralled out of the roadway. She joked that this may be the reason that Kristie gave her a new role by placing her to serve in our nursing homes rather than being on the road seeing patients in their homes!

Pam, thank you for all you do to brighten the lives of your colleagues and the patients and families you serve. We’re privileged that you are a part of the WellStar West Georgia family.