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Porsha Childs, LPN

WellStar Medical Group Obstetrics & Gynecology

July 2019 - Employee of the Month

Porsha Childs, an LPN for 15 years, works at WellStar Medical Group Obstetrics and Gynecology. She has worked there for three years. She currently works with Dr. Robinette King, and formerly worked for Dr. George Stefenelli, who is now retired. One of her favorite things about working with WellStar Medical Group is getting to work alongside her mother Barbara Winston, who is a Medical Assistant, and served as Porsha’s inspiration to go into nursing.  She grew up in West Point, Georgia, is a graduate of Troup High School and earned her LPN degree from West Georgia Technical College. In the future she plans on becoming a registered nurse.  She now lives in LaGrange with her husband Leon and daughter, 9 year-old Lalia.

Porsha describes her job as ensuring the patient experience goes smoothly. Her duties range from assisting the doctor and mid-level providers with anything they need during the patient visit, acquiring pre-authorizations, notifying the patient with results, scheduling any necessary surgeries and providing patient education. It is her dedication to caring for her patients that stands out among her team members, which they shared in her nomination: “She is a model of customer service, always doing what is best for the patient, even if that means staying after hours or coming in when she is scheduled to be off, just so she can make sure the patient has a procedure scheduled and is comfortable having all the information they need before leaving the office.” Another wrote, "She always greets her patients with positivity, a pleasant attitude and beautiful smile!” 

Porsha says the best part of her job is talking with patients and providing care that makes them feels special at the end of the day and to know that she has touched someone’s life even if it’s just offering encouraging words. In her spare time, she enjoys exercising and volunteering with her husband’s non-profit mentoring program, AGCAO.