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Shane Langley, Technician

Environmental Services

October 2018 - Employee of the Month

Shane Langley, our 2018 October Team Member of the Month, is relatively new to the WellStar West Georgia Medical Center family.  Shane began working in our Environmental Services department in January 2016, and in that short time, he has won the hearts of his fellow team members, patients and visitors by his words and actions.

Shane comes to work with a smile on his face, a positive attitude, and a kind word for everyone. He usually arrives before 7 a.m. and never complains about the two-and-a-half miles he walks to and from work every day.

In his job as an Environmental Services technician, he covers most every area of the hospital on a daily basis. If he sees another team member from any department who needs a helping hand, he’s the first to offer assistance. His supervisor says there is absolutely no request Shane would ever refuse.

Shane also has a secondary but extremely important role he carries out while doing his work. Many times Shane is the first team member a visitor may encounter for directions or help. Though not officially in his job description, he acts as an ambassador for the hospital, always offering a friendly welcome or guiding them to the right area. Shane is aware that often visitors are going through a very emotional time while their loved ones are here. He has been spotted in the cafeteria on numerous occasions, offering to pay for a cup or coffee or a meal for visitors who may have forgotten to bring their wallets or just to cheer them up.

Most recently, he was seen buying a piece of pie for a young child who was in line with his mother. When it came time to pay, she didn’t have enough money for the pie. The child tearfully returned the pie to the serving line. Shane saw what happened and bought the child the slice of pie. The mother was so moved by his kindness that she began to cry, as did most everyone else in line in the cafeteria.

Shane also has been seen buying breakfast in our cafeteria for a physician and a nurse and thanked them for what they do. Another time, a fellow team member witnessed Shane purchase breakfast for the person in front of him and behind him in the cafeteria line. Another time, Shane saw a dad and his two children at the vending machines, and when the children asked their dad for money, Shane gave each of them a quarter to buy candy. Yet on another occasion, when he saw a man with a veteran’s cap on in the lobby, he bought him a cup of coffee and thanked him for serving our country.

Shane says this is just his way of paying it forward. His team members say that even when he takes vacation, he is doing for others rather than himself. Each summer he uses his vacation time to help conduct vacation Bible school at his church.

Shane reminds us that any of us can be taught the skills to do a job, but the interactions we have with others are gifts that come straight from the heart. Shane’s generosity is genuine, and we want him to know how much we appreciate the passion he puts into this organization and how he goes above and beyond every day. Thank you, Shane, for the example you set for all of us in how we should treat others.