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Taylor Wardle, RN, BSN

PACU, Surgical Services

November 2018 - Employee of the Month

Taylor Lindley Wardle, WellStar West Georgia’s November Team Member of the Month, is an RN in our Surgical Services department’s Post-Anesthesia Care Unit. A fellow RN nominated her, saying: 

Taylor always lends a helping hand and makes sure others (staff and patients) are taken care of before herself. She often stays past her scheduled time to go home and skips lunch so that she can    help co-workers catch up or to ensure continuity of care with her patients until they are discharged. I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and could never fully express my gratitude to her for helping me so much while I've been pregnant. She will help me by pushing my patients in their stretchers or bed upstairs so that I don't have to (even when I insist that I can do it), and she wheels my patients downstairs for me when they are discharged so that I don't have to walk so far. She never has an ill word to say and is always encouraging and positive. (I am also confident that our manager could provide compliments given by her patients in surveys as well.) She makes the work day fun with her sense of humor, and difficult days are much more bearable because she's always willing to step in and assist with or complete tasks to lighten the load on others. Even though she is a PACU nurse, she floats to the OR when needed to help there as well. She truly is a wonderful asset to our department and this hospital, and I can't think of anyone more deserving. 

Taylor began working at WelIStar West Georgia two-and-a-half years ago and served on the Sixth Floor her first year before transferring to the PACU.  Taylor says, “I couldn’t have asked for more accepting, helpful, and supportive Sixth Floor coworkers for my first job as a RN. I also had an amazing manager, Jessica Harrilson, who believes in and encourages the best from her team.”

In her current job in the PACU, Taylor monitors the patients in the post surgical time period. She provides nausea and pain management, emotional and psychological support, as well as thorough education to ensure a successful recovery after they leave her care. Taylor discharges and transfers patients and keeps family members informed of their loved ones status and progress. 

Taylor says her manager, Lindsey Perkins, and director, Mary Lois Calhoun, are always available and have been very kind to her.  She said she enjoys getting to encounter lots of different people throughout the hospitaI. She says:

I love how helpful my coworkers are, and how we all pitch in. I love that I get to be the first light of encouragement the patients encounter when they wake up from surgery. I want to be there to support my patients in any way I can during a time that I can only imagine is difficult and stressful. Every little thing matters: a smile, a warm blanket, a comforting hand on the shoulder, a gentle voice to ask them of any needs, and a quick action to meet those needs to the best of my ability. I may only get to interact with them for a short period of time (that they may not even remember) but I truly want the best for my patients, and I hope they can tell.

Taylor has lived in LaGrange most of her life and earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Mississippi College in 2016 as a Sims Scholar. When she was in high school, she worked at Chick-fil-A in LaGrange for two years and also served at Winshape Camps for five consecutive summers. Taylor says, “I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the development and influence from the Cathy family and the company of Chick-fil-A.”

Taylor is married to Jack Wardle, and they have a “cute and adorable” brindle rescue Plott Hound mix named Graham. When she’s not at work, Taylor says she loves snuggling with her dog, Graham; hanging out with friends; going to Fountain Church in Hogansville; “doing life” with her husband, Jack; going to the gym; crafting; and going on walks.

We are very fortunate to have Taylor as a member of the WellStar West Georgia family. Thank you, Taylor, for all you do for your co-workers, patients and their families.